Generation 1: My original Bailey ancestor who came to New England was Richard Bailey. He was born in Bradford, Yorkshire, England on 21 August 1614. He arrived before 1645, and married Edna Halstead in Rowley, Massachusetts about 1645. He died on 16 February 1648 in Rowley. 

Generation 2: Joseph Bailey was born about 1648 in Bradford, Massachusetts. He married Abigail Trumbull, and died in Bradford on 11 October 1712. 

Generation 3: John Bailey was born to Joseph Bailey and Abigail Trumbull on 26 November 1691 in Bradford, Massachusetts. He married Susannah Tenney. His death place and date are unknown. 

Generation 4: Jonathan Bailey I was born on 22 April 1728 in Methuen, Massachusetts to John Bailey and Susannah Tenney. On 21 August 1750, he married Martha Clark, parents unknown, in Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire. Jonathan's place and date of death are unknown.

Generation 5: Amos Bailey was born to Jonathan Bailey I and Martha Clark on 9 March 1756, in Salem, New Hampshire. He was married on 1 October 1778 in Pelham, New Hampshire to Zilpha Hardy, daughter of Philip Hardy and Hannah Tenney. They removed to Swanzey, New Hampshire, in Cheshire County. Amos's probate/will is dated 24 April 1812. 

Generation 6: Jonathan Bailey II was born to Amos Bailey and Zilpha Hardy on 27 November 1788 in Swanzey, New Hampshire. There, on 26 March 1812, he married Sarah Clark, daughter of Timothy Clark and Mary Laws.He was a deacon at the Baptist church, and taught Bible school. He died in Swanzey on 23 February 1857. 

Generation 7: Arvilla Bailey was born in Swanzey, New Hampshire on 30 March 1816 to Deacon Jonathan Bailey II and Sarah Clark. She married Joshua Palmer on 31 October 1844 in Swanzey. She and Joshua removed to Concord, New Hampshire in the late 1850's. Arvilla died in Concord-- her burial record gives a date of 11 January 1861, but it is unclear whether this was the date of her death or her burial. 


Ancestry line:

Richard Bailey (1614-1648) m. Edna Halstead
Joseph Bailey (~1648-1712) m. Abigail TRUMBULL
John Bailey (b. 1691) m. Susannah TENNEY
Jonathan BAILEY I (b. 1728) m. Martha CLARK
Amos BAILEY (1756-1812) m. Zilpha HARDY
Jonathan BAILEY II (1788-1857) m. Sarah CLARK
Arvilla BAILEY (1816-1861) m. Joshua PALMER
George Bailey PALMER (1850-1926) m. Mary Olivia PURINTON
Frank Bailey PALMER (1888-1958) m. Bessie Maud WINSLOW
Dorothy Elizabeth PALMER (1918-1984) m. Henry Richard HOWES
S. HOWES (1937-1999) m. my father