Mayflower lines: ALLERTON

Generation 1: Isaac Allerton was born in London about 1586, son of Edward Allerton and Rose Davis. He was among those Puritans who fled to Holland prior to coming to the New World, and there in Leiden, he married Mary Norris. Soon after arriving in Plymouth, his wife Mary gave birth to a baby while still on board the ship; neither she nor the child made it off. Isaac would remarry Fear Brewster, daughter of fellow Mayflower passenger William Brewster, and become vice-governor of Plymouth Colony. Isaac was renowned for his incompetence and mismanagement, was banished, and died in New Haven, Connecticut on 12 February 1659. 

Generation 2: Remember Allerton was born in Leiden, Holland, in 1615, to Isaac Allerton and Mary Norris. She married Moses Maverick on 6 May 1635, and died in Marblehead, Massachusetts on 12 November 1652.  

Isaac Allterton's signature

Isaac Allterton's signature

Ancestry line:

Isaac ALLERTON (1586-1659) m. Mary NORRIS
Remember ALLERTON (1615-1652) m. Moses MAVERICK
Abigail MAVERICK (1644-1646) m. Samuel WARD
Martha WARD (1672-1723) m. John TUTTLE
Martha TUTTLE (1690-1763) m. Mark Haskell
Elizabeth HASKELL (1710-1781) m. Jeremiah FITTS I
Jeremiah FITTS II (1749-1804) m. Ruth Souther
William FITTS (1797-1845) m. Priscilla DAVIS
Sophia Haskell FITTS (1823-1880) m. Isaiah F. PURINTON
Mary "Mae" Olivia PURINTON (1852-1898) m. George Bailey PALMER
Frank Bailey PALMER (1888-1958) m. Bessie Maud WINSLOW
Dorothy Elizabeth PALMER (1918-1984) m. Henry Richard HOWES
S. HOWEs (1937-1999) m. my father