Mayflower lines: EATON

Generation 1: Francis Eaton was born in Bristol, England on 11 September 1596. He was a carpenter who made the voyage on the Mayflower with his first wife Sarah Unknown and their infant son Samuel. Sarah died the first winter, and Francis married, second, a woman named Dorothy, believed to be a maidservant of John Carver, but she died also, very soon after their marriage. He married, third, Christian PENN. Francis died on 18 November 1633 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. 

Generation 2: Samuel Eaton 1 was born to Francis and Sarah Eaton soon before the Mayflower set sail; he was described by Governor William Bradford as having been "a suckling child." Samuel would marry Martha Billington, daughter of Francis Billington and Christian Penn, and granddaughter of notorious Mayflower passenger John Billington.

Generation 3: Samuel Eaton II was born to Samuel Eaton I and Martha Billington about 1633, in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He married Elizabeth Fuller, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Fuller; her grandparents Samuel and Bridget (Lee) Fuller had come over on the Mayflower. Samuel Eaton II died in Plymouth on 8 March 1724. 

Generation 4: Barnabas Eaton was born to Samuel Eaton II and Elizabeth Fuller on 12 April 1703 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. He married Mehitable Alden, daughter of Joseph Alden and Hannah Dunham and great-granddaughter of that most famous Pilgrim couple, John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden. Barnabas died in Plymouth on in November of 1790. 

Generation 5: Hannah Eaton was born on 29 October 1730 in Plymouth, Massachusetts to Barnabas Eaton and Mehitable Alden. She married John Clements, and at some point they removed to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Hannah died there on 19 October 1809. 

Ancestry line: 

Francis EATON (1596-1633) m. Sarah Unknown
Samuel EATON I (1620-1684) m. Martha BILLINGTON
Samuel EATON II (1663-1724) m. Elizabeth FULLER
Barnabas EATON (1703-1790) m. Mehitable ALDEN
Hannah EATON (1730-1809) m. John CLEMENTS  
John CLEMENTS (1750-unk) m. Sarah PERRY
Hannah CLEMENTS (1771-1835) m. Jonathan BAKER  
John BAKER (1792-1861) m. Mehitable HILTON
George Albert BAKER (1842-1914) m. Hannah Melissa SPECHT
Jessie May BAKER (1873-1927) m. Thomas Parker SIMMONDS
Estelle May SIMMONDS (1893-1930) m. Horace William HOWES
Henry Richard HOWES (1913-1987) m. Dorothy Elizabeth PALMER
S. HOWES (1937-1999) m. my father