Buh-bye, Ancestry.com

Ever since Ancestry.com announced last month that they would be retiring their Family Tree Maker software next year, I've been wondering what software to use instead. I've had my issues with Ancestry over the past couple of years, but it can't be denied that FTM is simply the best and most professional family tree program out there. I also loved the TreeSync feature (when it worked). 

If Ancestry thinks that taking away members' ability to host their trees and research on their own computers is going to get more subscribers, which quite frankly appears to be their sole focus, then I think they're in for a disappointment. No serious genealogist would entrust their data and research to just a website. Other companies are wasting no time extending offers and taking their current paying customers. 

Case in point: this morning I got a call from a MyHeritage support rep, inviting me to upgrade my account-- funny, because I had literally just been thinking of doing that. I took the rep up on the offer, and will be canceling my membership with Ancestry.

If they want to know why, I'll just tell them that it was a business decision.