Generation 1: The furthest back I can go on my mother's surname, HOWES, is my 3rd great-grandfather Richard Howes. He and his wife Catherine (nee Ross, according to the marriage record of their son John) were listed in said record as being from Northern Ireland. They settled in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. In Daniel Johnson's newspapers transcriptions database on the New Brunswick Vital Records site, I found death notices for John and Catherine Howes in Portland, Saint John, New Brunswick. Although this John and Catherine were from Kinsale, Cork and not Northern Ireland, I'm reasonably sure (not 100% certain) that these are my ancestors. 

Generation 2: John Woodard (?) Howes was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada on 27 June 1849. On 4 August 1873, in Portland, Saint John, New Brunswick, he married Jane Russell, whose parents were probably William and Jane Russell. John was a pattern maker and carpenter by occupation. They immigrated to the U.S., settling in Cambridge, Massachussetts between 1875 and 1877. John remarried Ida Cole in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts, on 19 June 1894. We don't know what happened to Jane. John died on 8 June 1933 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Generation 3: Horace William Howes was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on 15 June 1882. On 22 December 1910, he married Estelle May Simmonds, daughter of Thomas Parker Simmonds and Jessie May Baker, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was a "machinist", an auto mechanic. Estelle died young in 1930, and he remarried Annie Unknown before the census of 1940. She died in 1957, according to their dual headstone. Horace died on 4 March 1976, in South Oxford, Maine.  

Generation 4: Henry Richard Howes was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts on 13 April 1913, with his twin brother Horace Jr. On 26 June 1936, in Medford, Massachusetts, Henry married Dorothy Elizabeth Palmer, daughter of Frank Bailey Palmer and Bessie Maud Winslow. They divorced on 3 February 1948. On 27 May 1949, Henry remarried Evelyn Giard Rogers, widow of Ernest Rogers. Henry was an auto mechanic, and he died in Norway, Oxford, Maine on 27 June 1987. 

Generation 5: S. Howes, my mother, was born on 27 April 1937 in Somerville, Massachusetts. She married my father on 29 May 1956 in Manchester, New Hampshire, and died on 25 January 1999 in Tampa, Florida. 


Ancestry line:

Richard HOWES m. Catherine ROSS
John W. HOWES (1849-1933) m. Jane RUSSELL
Horace William HOWES (1882-1976) m. Estelle May SIMMONDS
Henry Richard HOWES (1913-1987) m. Dorothy Elizabeth PALMER
S. HOWES (1937-1999) m. my father