Generation 1: My earliest known KRANTZBERG ancestor was my great-grandfather Menashe, which from Yiddish translates into Morris. He was probably born in the 1840's or 1850's, probably in Austria or Russia. According to a family history written by a distant cousin, he was first married to an unknown woman and had two children with her, whose names are also unknown. He was widowed, and about the early 1880's, he married Nachama Schumuter Millstein, daughter of Abraham and Sadie Schumuter and widow of Moishe (Moses) Millstein. She had two children from her first marriage, and ran a dry goods store. Menashe probably died by 1919 in Ukraine. 

Generation 2: My grandfather Boruch Krantzberg was born on 31 August 1901, in Krasnostav, a shtetl (small town) west of Kiev, in what is now Ukraine to Menashe Krantzberg and Nachama Schumuter. He immigrated to the United States in March of 1921, and he changed his name to Bernard. He settled in Boston, Massachusetts and took a job in a delicatessen. In 1932, he had his own deli,  and in Boston on 23 February 1933, he married Clare Ryan, daughter of David Thomas Ryan and Mary Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Bernard died of renal failure on 22 August 1956 in Boston. 

Generation 3: My father was born in Boston in 1933. He married my mother, S. Howes, in Manchester, New Hampshire in 1956. He is still living.

Generation 4: I was born in Boston.


Ancestry line:

Menashe KRANTZBERG (?-before 1919) m. Nachama SCHUMUTER
Boruch/Bernard KRANTZBERG (1901-1956) m. Clare RYAN
My father (b. 1933) m. s HOWES