Generation 1: My earliest immigrant PALMER ancestor was my 8th great-grandfather, William Palmer. He was from Ormsby St. Margaret, Norfolk, born about 1585. His first wife was Mary Stamforth, and with her he had several children. At some point, he remarried a woman named Ann. He was probably the William Palmer who was cited for not attending the parish church at St. Margaret in Ormsby in September of 1636. He and Ann arrived in Massachusetts about 1637. They eventually settled in Hampton, New Hampshire. William died in Hampton about 1646, leaving a will. His widow Ann remarried Francis Plummer.

Generation 2: Joseph Palmer was born about 1644 in Hampton to William and Ann Palmer. On 18 March 1665, Joseph married Sarah Jackman, daughter of James Jackman and Joanna (James?). Joseph died in Bradford, Massachusetts, by 5 February 1715. 

Generation 3: Richard Palmer was born on 22 March 1675 in Bradford, Massachusetts, to Joseph Palmer and Sarah Jackman. He married Martha Downer, daughter of Robert Downer and Sarah Eaton, on 18 October 1704 in Hampton, New Hampshire. He died on 29 May 1769 in Bradford. 

Generation 4: Samuel Palmer was born in Newbury, Massachusetts on 27 April 1713 to Richard Palmer and Martha Downer. He married Ann Evans (parents unknown) on 21 August 1738 in Rowley, Massachusetts. His death date is unknown. 

Generation 5: Joshua Palmer I was born to Samuel Palmer and Ann Evans on 6 November 1761 in Methuen, Massachusetts. He married, as probably his third wife, Sarah Swett, daughter of John Swett and Sarah Unknown on an unknown date and place. Joshua died shortly before 12 April 1851. 

Generation 6: Joshua Palmer II was born on 15 September 1815 in Raymond, New Hampshire to Joshua Palmer I and Sarah Swett. He was a shoemaker. On 31 October 1844, he married Arvilla Bailey, daughter of Deacon Jonathan Bailey and Sarah Clark. Joshua II died on 25 May 1864 in Concord, New Hampshire. 

Generation 7: George Bailey Palmer was born to Joshua Palmer II and Arvilla Bailey on 19 June 1850 in Kingston, New Hampshire. He married Mary Olivia Purinton, daughter of Isaiah F. Purinton and Sophia Haskell Fitts, on 25 December 1879. George died on 15 December 1926, in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Generation 8: Frank Bailey Palmer was born in South Hampton, New Hampshire on 3 June 1888 to george Bailey Palmer and Mary Olivia Purinton. He married Bessie Maud Winslow on 1 October 1906 in Raymond, New Hampshire, and he died on 4 November 1958 in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Generation 9: Dorothy Elizabeth Palmer was born in Fremont, New Hampshire on 27 September 1918. She married Henry Richard Howes on 26 June 1936 in Medford, Massachusetts. They divorced on 3 February 1948, and she would remarry three more times. Her last spouse was Charles Beers, and she died of lung cancer on 9 September 1984. 


Ancestry line:

William PALMER (1585-1646) m. Ann UNKNOWN
Joseph PALMER (1644-1715 m. Sarah JACKMAN
Richard PALMER (1675-1769) m. Martha DOWNER
Samuel PALMER (b. 1713) m. Ann EVANS
Joshua PALMER I (1761-1851) m. Sarah SWETT
Joshua PALMER II (1815-1864) m. Arvilla PALMER
George Bailey PALMER (1850-1926) m. Mary Olivia PURINTON
Frank Bailey PALMER (1888-1958) m. Bessie Maud WINSLOW
Dorothy Elizabeth PALMER (1918-1984) m. Henry Richard HOWES
S. HOWES (1937-1999) m. my father