Generation 1: My original RYAN immigrant ancestor was Thomas Lynch Ryan, born 25 July 1831 in County Cork, Ireland to David Ryan and Johanna Lynch. He seems to have immigrated about 1857. In Boston, Massachusetts, on 25 November 1860, he married Irish immigrant Johanna Fitzgerald, daughter of Edward Fitzgerald and Margaret Dailey. He passed on 9 August 1916 in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Generation 2: David Thomas Ryan was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts on 18 June 1875. He married Mary Elizabeth Fitzgerald, daughter of Thomas Fitzgerald and Rose Connelly, on 1 January 1903 in Boston. He died on 19 November 1939.

Generation 3: Clare Regina Ryan was born in Boston on 18 January 1911. On 23 February 1933 in Boston, she married Boruch/Bernard Krantzberg, son of Menashe Krantzberg and Nachama Schumuter. She died on 22 January 2001.

Ancestry line:

David Ryan m. Johanna LYNCH
Thomas RYAN (1831-1916) m. Johanna FITZGERALD
David Thomas RYAN (1875-1939) m. Mary Elizabeth FITZGERALD
Clare Regina RYAN (1911-2001) m. Boruch Bernard KRANTZBERG.
My father m. S. HOWES